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Occasionally, individuals will contact Value Homes Real Estate School, LLC and inquire about obtaining a Florida Real Estate license. The caller will normally advise they possess or are licensed as a real estate licensee in another state. The caller will then request information as to how obtaining a Florida Real Estate license through reciprocity with the state where the caller currently resides.

What is REO?

Over the past several years, this question has frequently been heard in various conversations. A simple explanation is the term “REO” is use to describe properties owned by the lenders. Real Estate Owned properties are normally acquired by the lenders through foreclosure.

Value Homes Real Estate School in Hometown News!

Value Homes Real Estate School in Hometown News!

For people who are just entering the real estate business – or professionals who are looking to advance in the trade – Value Homes Real Estate School is just the place to go. The school offers specialized instruction on the 63-hour real estate course required by the state of Florida along with many other required courses, and owner/operator/instructor Ed Van Horn has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry to help people along the way.