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 Value Homes Real Estate School

Value Homes Real Estate School is a continuation of Daniel J. Taddeo Real Estate School.  After Mr. Taddeo’s death, a decision was made to continue the providing the citizens of St Lucie, Okeechobee, and Highland counties the opportunity of enrolling in Florida Real Estate course.  During the time I was affiliated with Mr. Taddeo, I came to appreciate and respect Mr. Taddeo’s commitment to providing Real Estate courses to the citizens of Okeechobee and Highland counties, along with St Lucie and Martin counties.

After being granted permission to become the Permit Holder for Daniel J. Taddeo Real Estate School, it was determined due to legal restrictions the name of the school had to be changed.  Due to the substantial number of inquiries received regarding the continuation of the real estate school a decision made to proceed continue with the school under the new name.

As the permit holder and instructor for Value Homes Real Estate School, Inc, it is my goal to provide an educational program comparable to what Mr. Taddeo provided in his school. Being associated with Mr. Taddeo over the past several years I became familiar with the processes and procedures Mr. Taddeo used in his classroom.   Mr. Taddeo had an unique style to teaching.

The ultimate accomplishment for Value Homes Real Estate School, Inc, is providing the pre-license course material in a manner that is clear and concise to the students.  This will allow the students to grasp the applications and concepts in a manner that will allow the students to apply what they have learned to the required state examinations.  Proper application of the concepts will allow the students to successfully pass the examinations.

Value Home Realty School, Inc is responsible to ensure post license courses are relevant.  Students attending these courses will be provided material that will supplement what was provided in pre-license courses. It is NOT the responsibility of the school to provide students with practical skills of being a real estate agent or broker.  The responsibility for this knowledge rests with the broker to whom the newly licensee is affiliated.  Continuing education courses will provide the students with updates to license laws.