Real estate school teaches the trade to help pass test

By Gaylon Parker

For people who are just entering the real estate business – or professionals who are looking to advance in the trade – Value Homes Real Estate School is just the place to go. The school offers specialized instruction on the 63-hour real estate course required by the state of Florida along with many other required courses, and owner/operator/instructor Ed Van Horn has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry to help people along the way.

“I like the fact that I ‘m independent and by myself and I can make my own decisions,” Mr. Van Horn said, “I’ve been teaching real estate classes since about 2000 both in Florida and Ohio and the real estate school provides all the pre-licensing and post-licensing education courses required by the state of Florida.”

Mr. Van Horn opened the school earlier this year in Port St. Lucie and said he has been able to guide numerous students towards success in Florida State Sales Associate or Florida Real Estate Broker’s license, and “a fundamental basis is a viable forum providing requisite knowledge and skills. Application of the knowledge and skills presented will result in successful completion of the applicable state of Florida real estate examination. To ensure continual validity of the earned real estate license, both post-license and continuing education courses are offered,” according to the school’s web site.

“I’m getting new students to sign up all the time, and I provide license courses in Sebring, Okeechobee and Port St. Lucie and ST. Lucie County,” Mr. Van Horn said. “Having been in the field as long as I have – and I have been a licensed instructor since 2002 – I enjoy the teaching and it is a bit of a challenge for students because they have to be there for 63 hours.”

Adding to the convenience is that Mr. Van Horn is able to focus on students in a pleasant classroom setting and provide extra instruction to each individual. But for people who have busier schedules, he offers online courses for prospective real estate agents and brokers. Among the live classes offered are the 45-hour sales post-licensing course, the 63-hour pre-sales associate course, the 72-hour pre-broker course, the 14-hour continuing education course, the 30-hour post-broker management course, and the 30-hour post broker investment course.

“As I have the course set up, I put them in there,” Mr. Van Horn said. “I just completed a course in Okeechobee… and I have one starting soon in Port St. Lucie. I’ve never had a bad evaluation from a student.”

“The real estate test is a comprehensive test, and the way they word the questions you really have to understand what they are asking,” Mr. Van Horn said. “It’s one of the hardest tests in the United States, and everybody knows that. So, the task I give them in the school mirrors that, somewhat, and for most people it’s a new field for them.”

He was also one of the few brokers on the Treasure Coast who offer instruction on the Housing and Urban Development program and how it applies to real estate transactions.

Mr, Van Horn is a Michigan native and was once a member of the Michigan State Police force. While serving in the U.S. Army he advanced to the rank of Warrant Officer and also achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resource Management from Pepperdine University. Then, in 1990, Mr. Van Horn decided to delve into real estate earned his original license in Ohio and subsequently earned his broker’s license in 2000 before moving to Florida and doubled up on his licenses. He is currently licensed as a broker in both Florida and Ohio.

He also serves or has served on a variety of charitable boards and other civic organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and the West Central Association of REALTORS (Ohio) and in various leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America. He is a past president of the West Central Association of REALTORS; and is currently a member of the REALTOR Professional Standards Committee (Florida), and holds an amateur radio license, a volunteer for both the Guardian Ad Litem organization and Save the Chimp sanctuary.

“I give personal attention and I spend time making sure they understand all of the concepts,” Mr. Van Horn said. “I don’t just want students to sign up and think they haven’t learned something. It’s expensive to get into the field and I try and make sure they understand the business.”